Successful High Tech & High Touch Marketing Strategies for Originators

Originators using the same selling techniques just doesn’t work anymore. The consumer’s buying journey is different and referral sources are not in their offices as they once were.

Some sales experts recommend originators should be all digital. Others recommend a back to basics approach. What is the right strategy for loan officer’s production efforts?

This session will share the right combination for successful origination in today’s competitive selling environment.

Session Topics:

  • Current State of Mortgage Sales
  • How Successful Originators Handle the Sales Boom & Bust Cycles in Mortgage Origination
  • What Borrower’s Really Want from their Loan Officer
  • Three Winning Selling Strategies every Originator should use
  • The Prospecting Master Plan: Taking Consumers from Unaware to Trusted Expert
  • Laws of High Tech: Communication Tools; Content Types & Methods & Rise of Visual
  • High Touch & What it means Today
  • High Touchpoints and Loan Process: when is contact most impactful?
  • Resources to Help Originators to Succeed in our new social selling world