Kristin Messerli

VP of Financial Services -

Kristin Messerli is a leading strategist and keynote speaker on the NextGen homebuyer experience, and she is passionate about amplifying the voice of today’s consumers.

In 2013, Kristin started a marketing consulting firm, Cultural Outreach, with the mission to help financial institutions bridge the gap in connecting with today’s consumers. Prior to selling her company to NAMMBA in 2020, Kristin consulted for over 50 financial institutions, including in retail and wholesale lending, banking, and servicing, for companies such as Wells Fargo, QuickenLoans, and TD Bank. She has also consulted on numerous fintech startups, including product design and development for a digital mortgage software, Ardley.

Kristin has spoken at hundreds of conferences including the Mortgage Bankers Association, Digital Mortgage, and Harvard Business School. Kristin produced and co-authored the 2020 NextGen Homebuyer Report, highlighting key insights from 1,500 nextgen homebuyers. She has directed and produced multiple events and videos featuring millennial homebuyer interviews for companies such as National MI, Mortgage Coach, and FinLocker.

Kristin is a regular contributor for HousingWire and was previously the Managing Editor of Mortgage Women Magazine. She sits on MBA’s Diversity and Inclusion Committee and holds her Master’s degree in Public Administration from the University of Oklahoma.